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Exclusive membership benefits

Are you an avid reader of my books? If so, you can gain access to exclusive members-only books, content and more.

By subscribing as a paying member, you'll get a whole host of benefits and additional perks — and supporting me and my work directly.

Your ongoing support is hugely appreciated, which is why I've designed three exciting levels of membership — just for you.

Membership FAQs

When will I get access to my benefits?


As soon as you have completed your subscription purchase, the prices you see on the website will automatically adjust to include your discount and your free or subsidised shipping will be available on every order.

Your exclusive members-only content will be visible in the new Members Area of your account dashboard.

To access your benefits, please ensure you're logged in to the website using the email address or account you subscribed under.

Will I be tied in?

No. Your membership will run from month to month, and you can cancel it at any time.

Can I pause or cancel my membership?

Yes. You can cancel through your online account, or contact the team to action this for you.

If you want to take a short break instead, you can pause your subscription easily too.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my membership?

Yes. This can be done easily through your online account.

How long does membership last?

As long as you like! Subscriptions renew each month, and you will continue to have access to all benefits as long as you remain a member.

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