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The Westerlea House Mystery – Free!


Oscar Whitehouse foretold his own death on live TV. Hours later, he’s found dead in a locked room. But who killed him?

When TV psychic Oscar Whitehouse is found murdered inside a locked room, private detective Kempston Hardwick and his friend Ellis Flint are called in to investigate.

Within a matter of days, a second murder takes place in the small village of Tollinghill and a local resident claims she saw the already-dead Oscar Whitehouse at the scene, apparently alive and well. Hardwick and Flint realise they have more than just a conventional mystery in the village. Can they uncover the secret of the Tollinghill murders, before it’s too late?

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“I loved the very clever twist, I had no idea who the murderer was, it keeps you guessing right to the end. I did find some parts quite emotional, because of how much you care for them and believe the story. The characters relationship with each other is brilliant, I love how close they are and how they care for each other in their own way.”  – Lisa R.

“I particularly liked the Culverhouse character and would definitely like to read more stories with him in.”  – Greg W.

“I really enjoyed ‘Guilty As Sin’ having already met the main characters in ‘Too Close For Comfort’. I preferred the ‘mystery’ in this book as I honestly couldn’t guess how it would end. It was fun trying to figure out how the two cases linked together and I was impressed with the ending. A great crime thriller / mystery!”  – Jessica C.

About Adam Croft

With more than half a million books sold to date, Adam Croft is one of the most successful independently published authors in the world, and one of the biggest selling authors of the past year.

His Knight & Culverhouse crime thriller series has sold more than 250,000 copies worldwide, with his Kempston Hardwick mystery books being adapted as audio plays starring some of the biggest names in British TV.

During the summer of 2016, two of Adam’s books hit the USA Today bestseller list only weeks apart, making them two of the most-purchased books in the United States over the summer.

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