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Launch Day Quiz Answers

Let's see how many you got right...


1. What is the name of Wendy’s brother?
A: Michael.

2. How many victims were there in TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT?
A: Six. The five women, plus Robert Ludford.
3. Name 3 other members of the team including their rank.
A: DS Frank Vine, DS Steve Wing, DC Debbie Weston, DC Ryan Mackenzie, DS Luke Baxter. No points for Janet Grey or CC Charles Hawes. Lose a point for PCC Martin Cummings!
4. Who is the Chief Constable of Mildenheath Police?
A: Charles Hawes
5. What was the name of Wendy’s dad and how did he die?
A: Bill Knight. Killed by a gunshot wound whilst intervening in an armed robbery off-duty.
6. How old was Emily when Helen left?
A: Five.
7. What pet does Wendy have and what is its name?
A: Cookie Monster the cat.
8. On which real town is Mildenheath based?
A: Dunstable, Bedfordshire.
9. Which notorious killer is the inspiration behind the murders in the third book?
A: Jack the Ripper.
10. Which food does Wendy hate?
A: Mushrooms.

Your score


0-3: Must do better. Report to Chief Constable Hawes at once.

4-7: Getting there. Don't expect a promotion any time soon.

8-10: Fast-track promotion. Your eye for detail would make you a great detective!

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